Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's About Face Huggin' Time!

I have had the idea for this FOREVER and have just finally found the time and creative push I needed to make this happen... please to enjoy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Stuff!! New Stuff!

It's been FOREVER!!! how are you blog? good good... how's the wife and kids? great good to hear... Well I have been hard at work on actual paying gigs and now that has dies down so here's some new sculptures for the new year!

First up is...
The Rubber Monkey Accordionist!
You may have seen this guy on my website he was always intended for greater things. I was going to stop motion him but my idea fell short so a posable sculpture he is! Make sure to check out that accordion, those things ain't easy to make!

He was fully carved out of balsa wood in parts with wire run through the centers. His face is actually detachable for more faces fun!

The Babysitter Bust!
As with the rubber monkey, the babysitter came from a few doodles I put up here a while ago I never got around to doing anything with. This one is just done out of Super Firm Sculpey. When it came time for color i went monochrome... I don't really know why i did. I was stressing over the colors and thought, "Who needs Color?"

As far as this goes I could stop here... but I'm not gonna! I think I'm going to do the whole body... which could make him 12" or more... but i'm gonna go slow on it... take my time...
Fun Fact: The hair is actually bristles from a brush i cut off and glued together ;)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


For xmas this past year I was stumped on what to get my wife... granted by get I mean make as we are perpetually broke! hahahaha Anywho, of course I got my brilliant idea about 5 days before the day... and here it is...
See for a project my wife and little girl write this awesome story for Halloween about a skeleton that gets a pumpkin stuck on his head and takes it upon himself to scare kids who take too much candy... I have shorten the story quite a bit but you get the idea... so I made him a home in this book... and here he is...